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***Beginner Friendly***

McKennaii strain is a Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom that’s named after the legendary psychedelic lecturer, author, and psychonaut, Terence Mckenna. You may know Terence for his popular theory that links psychedelic substances to human evolution — the “Stoned Ape Theory”.

This mushroom has medium-sized bell-shaped caps that flatten out through maturity and stems of above-average thickness that are often wavy or slightly curved. These mushrooms often take on intense blue hues across the length of the stem and parts of the cap when dried. The cap can also turn a purplish color in maturity after sporulation.

The McKennaii strain has above-average potency, and it has impressive colonization speeds. It’s a resistant strain that can be cultivated in an unoptimized environment with excellent results — large yields are possible over several dense flushes before the colony succumbs to mold.

This is a great strain for the beginner grower or commercial cultivator that’s looking for a strain that’s easy to grow and capable of producing large numbers of mushrooms quickly.

1 review for Mckennaii 10cc Liquid Culture Syringe

  1. Bchan (verified owner)

    5 star service and product. Beginner friendly quick mycelium growth. Had one fruit get near 100 g. First flush was 2 oz dry. Second flush is drying and should be an ounce dry. Already have pins for 3rd flush. Mckennaii is my first ever venture into mycology and I’m blown away.

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