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3ntheogenik reserves the rights to cancel any order no questions asked. Orders placed using coupon code exploits are as a result of mistakes in pricing for products on the website will be cancelled and refunded and 3ntheogenik will reach out to clarify your order. Please be patient with us. We’re awesome at Mycology but definitely not website experts.

Please join our mail list for monthly specials and other fun updates. Bundled Products are the best way to save money.

I am currently not accepting international orders for new customers. If you are a returning customer who lives internationally please contact me at 3ntheogenik@proton.me

You can pay by Cashapp or Venmo.

PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND PAYMENT AT THE TIME OF YOUR ORDER. Customers who place an order without payment and are cancelled due to non payment will be prohibited from purchasing form 3ntheogenik in the future.


I am currently not accepting new international customers but if you are a returning customer who lives internationally please email me at 3ntheogenik@proton.me

Beginning Thursday, August 10th we will ship to a once a week shipping schedule on Tuesdays. If you want to have your order shipped on Tuesday please be sure your order is in on Monday by 12pm EST. Shipping once a week will allow me more time to work on providing the high quality genetics you’ve come to know and love.

Packaging is discreet on the exterior but it IS PURPLE. The interior (your spore prints) are packaged lovingly in purple mylar pouches to keep them safe and fresh. Syringes are packaged individually with labeling on the syringe. Spore syringes include a sealed hypodermic needle. 3ntheogenik believes that it’s the little things that count.

The return address on the label is not the location of 3ntheogenik so please do not send mail to that address. Also, on the topic of discreet packaging – The return address will say “3G Scientific” or “3G”. I cannot honor requests for more discreet shipping or packaging that isn’t purple. I apologize for this – we do a lot of orders each week and it’s too difficult to track these requests.

Yes we use state of the art encryption and best in class measures to ensure your personal data is protected.

Yes, you must be 18 years of age to order spores, syringes or prints. 3ntheogenik does not accept any liability for spores orders shipped to minors. We will make every effort to cancel orders for minors if there is any question. We operate on a 100% trust basis here. In order to help 3ntheogenik on their mission to provide low cost spores to everyone please be honest and do not risk the good work we are doing by placing an order for spores if you are under the age of 18. 3ntheogenik feels that having open honest discussions with children about all things is a paramount parental responsibility.

Five years ago today the world lost a beautiful soul. As I was preparing for my bridal shower and wedding that was a couple of weeks away I was happy and excited. I didn’t know that the following day I’d see a facebook post that would change my life.

I had just moved into a new condo that I had bought with my now husband in preparation of starting our new life together. It was a Sunday and I was finally getting around to unpacking my new place. I’ll never forget the feeling of having the wind knocked out of me and falling against the wall sliding myself down to the floor as I read a Facebook post that said, “RIP Shelly”

I didn’t believe it. I furiously called mutual friends as I choked my way through tears and struggled to breath. Shelly was my best friend and only 24 years old. She was starting her final year of nursing school and had the entire world ahead of her. In what I can only imagine was a furry of emotional pain – she had violently ended her life and unknowingly ended mine.

I cried and laid in bed for days. I had only just seen her. She had asked me to walk the pier with her one more time but I had to go and couldn’t … what if I had just walked with her one more time. Would she have told me she was struggling with the will to live? Thoughts like that swirled through my mind. The following weekend was supposed to be my bridal shower which she had RSVP’d to and was driving down for and we were going to have so much fun. Instead I attended her funeral out of town and drove back just in time to arrive to my bridal shower. I could barely keep it together.

The women I worked with got together and made a plan to have one of them stand up for me at my wedding so there wouldn’t be an empty spot at the altar at my wedding. There was discussion of cancelling our wedding but over 100 people were coming and had already made plans and we had already spent so much money on it. So I got married. It took nerves of steel and a lot of alcohol to get through it. On my honeymoon I walked out into the ocean and went deep with my clothes on and considered drowning myself. Instead I walked out of the water and drank myself to sleep.

I became a relentless alcoholic and my disconnection from those around me increased. Until I read about mushroom therapy. After I began a regimen of mushrooms I no longer wanted alcohol and I’d also had the troubling realization that if I had known about mushrooms my friend would still be alive. I made it my mission to share this medicine with as many people as I could and here we are today.

This community literally exists because of a life lost. On this day I ask that you reach out to a few people that you love and don’t talk to often enough and ask them how they are doing. Please do it for me and do it for Shelly and do it for you. There is no worse feeling in the world than losing someone to suicide and being completely broadsided by it. I had no clue. If you reach out to a friend or two today that you haven’t spoken to in awhile I am offering 20% of your order from Friday at 6pm EST until Monday at 11:59pm EST. The coupon code is: ICANSAVEALIFE and it will grant 20% off of your entire order. This is obviously an honor system.

Please make it a part of your journey to connect with the people you care about. You truly can save a life.

For security reasons the return address I use on packages is not local to where I live and operate. If a package is refused or sent to a wrong address it is routed to a PO Box I use in another state. In order to maintain your privacy and mine the only option is to have the packages mailed back to me by the mail store employee which costs me $10 per package.

IF YOU INPUT YOUR ADDRESS INCORRECTLY OR SOMEONE AT YOUR RESIDENCE REFUSES THE PACKAGE I will reship it one time based on current stock quantities (products are revolving and often not available for long) ONE time for a $14 dollar fee. This covers my fee to recover your first package and dispose of it and my shipping fee to send you a new fresh order at the correct address.

If you are international and your order is seized I will reship two prints one time at no cost for for the prints. If it is seized a second time I will handle these on a case by case basis. Please reach out to me by email.

Unfortunately I’ve had to add this to the FAQ after having three packages come back in one week. I will be firm on this policy moving forward.

3ntheogenik is passionate about the environment, plant medicine and sharing good psylocibin mushroom genetics with the public. She is a lover of people, animals and plants and lives by the phrase that ‘Love is the answer”.

3ntheogenik has concerns about the amount of single use plastic and paper use in the hobby of mycology and has plans to begin to provide education about sustainable mycology.

3ntheogenik is also a bargain shopper and intends on sharing ways that you can save money while shopping for items to assist you on your Mycology journey.

If your specimens are warm (summer months) let them recuperate at warm temperature for a day before you refrigerate them. Liquid culture should be refrigerated for the best and longest lifespan.

Because of the potential contamination factor involving the delicacy of mushroom spores we do not accept returns. Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis after a full review for cause.

It’s our goal to make sure you are 100% happy!

3ntheogenik is a passionate mycologist, wife and mother who became disillusioned by the high cost of spore prints for easily printable and shareable spores. Spores and science are meant to be shared.

The mission of 3ntheogenik is to provide specimens at a reasonable cost in addition to making sure that each package shipped feels like receiving a care package. You matter! I personally value you. My mission is to share love.

Absofuckinlutely! 3ntheogenik adores looking at spores under the microscope and sharing images of spores to help you on your microscopy journey.

Yes, the customer is our top focus at 3ntheogenik. You will receive an email when your shipping label has been printed. It will indicate that your order is complete. Please note that packages ship within 24 hours of the label being printed and the order being marked complete except on Sundays or Holidays when the post office is closed.

If you placed your order more than 10 days ago and haven’t received your purchase please reach out to 3ntheogenik@proton.me and I will look up your tracking number.

Tracking numbers are sent via email automatically once your order is completed. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t seen it.