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Apparently, Steven Wood collected the original sample of Golden Halo mushrooms in 2015. He found the mushroom growing in a pasture just outside Kingston, Jamaica. He then distributed its spores throughout the mushroom community. The genetics were incredibly unreliable, so a group from the Shroomery forum began stabilizing them.

Now, the Golden Halo strain is far more stable and can produce dense clusters of decent-sized mushrooms.

Although the story above is widely used across the web to describe the strain, it may not be entirely accurate. Yes, the original spore samples were unstable, and yes, a group from Shroomery gathered together to work on the genetics. However, the original may not be from Jamaica at all.

Due to their similar qulaities, many mycologists and cultivators speculate that Golden Halo is an offshoot of Colombian Rust — a strain that produces a rust-colored spore print. Golden Halo’s spore print is golden — or at least it used to be, hence the name.

The truth is, the lineage of Golden Halo has been lost. We don’t know where it came from, who collected the first sample, and if the spores sold as Golden Halo even come from the original genetics. Regardless, it’s a great strain that’s enjoyed by many cultivators, from beginner to advanced.


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