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This strain gained a place in the Spring 2022 Oakland Hyphae Cup as  the “Microdose Champion”

The frequent Mycotopia user that goes by the name “Hillbilly” is credited with developing the Hillbilly strain. The original sample was discovered in Arkansas, Southern United States, in the mid to late-1990s.

The strain more or less disappeared from the scene during the 2000s, overshadowed by bigger shrooms, more potent strains, and more intriguing genetics. However, its podium finish as “Microdose Champion” has gained some interest.

Hillbilly spore samples are slowly reappearing in the product listings of major spore vendors across the globe, and cultivators and shroom fanatics are loving it. The Hillbilly strain is back, and it’s “trendy” again.

The Hillbilly Psilocybe cubensis strain has been circulating the spore market since the late 90s. Over the years, it fell out of the limelight, overshadowed by more potent strains. However, it recently regained recognition when it claimed a spot in the Spring 2022 Psilocybin Cup as a “Microdose Champion.”

The Hillbilly strain produces medium-sized mushrooms that are relatively average-looking. It’s an easy strain to cultivate, and prolific yields can be obtained over several healthy flushes before the mycelium succumbs to mold growth.

This is a great strain for the beginner in mushroom cultivation, the newbie in taking magic mushrooms, or the psilocybin microdoser.



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