Product Reviews

Jeremy Noegel

So thankful to have found 3ntheogenik! So first I will forever look forward to seeing the lavender bubble wrap envelope in the mail! The presentation is amazing, plus all the fun items included! I already have another order coming! So many great genetics to choose from, great prices and just an all around wonderful experience! Great to buy from someone so aligned with the spirit of the mushrooms ❤️

Gregory Cleary

I have to say 3ntheogenik has the best genetics… I have the greatest success with their products. Normally shipping happens in a week. I can’t express enough about the fire genetics that they have. I don’t use anybody else…I have a few times and had contamination. I have not experienced this one time with their products not one time. So my saying would be follow 3ntheogenik check them out see what they’re about I wouldn’t go to anybody else personally

Ashley @ElementalGrowth

The truth is this wonder woman has a ton of genetics available, and deals for bundles. We were surprised with additional gifts too, extra stickers, agar mixture, additional LC (Liquid Culture), ready to grow. I just received my package and it was all wrapped up in my favorite color purple, I even wanted to make use of that.

Ivan Hotz

P.C. is always prompt and attentive In filling orders. Genetics are awsome! Thank you for being YOU.

Aimless Wanderer

Order received in a timely manner. Love the freebie LC of the black shatki. Infact I went with that instead of the intended one for first grow. Also got some of the ‘yote seeds. Sowed them right away and they are sprouting right along! Very happy costumer and can’t wait for the colonization to take off and the growth of the yotes.

Ashley Lohr

The syringes colonize quickly, and I’ve had great flushes from the cultures. I love the little gifts that come in the bag, she is so sweet! I only order from here now. Would like to see some Jedi Mind Fuck available!! xoxo thank you for everything love

Justin Wheeler

Great products,consistency, and some love put in to it. I’m glad I’ve stumbled across 3nthegenik’s amazing genetics. I’m sure there will be no disappointment if you thinking about making a purchase.

Mike M

I will be back again. Everything came zipped and some cool additions. Thank you.

Tiffany Logan

I was so happy with my order from 3G. To say they went above and beyond is an understatement. There is nothing like that feeling of being valued by the company you’re ordering from. I love their backstory and their vibe. Real people who really care!! Generous as well and who could ever be mad at that?! 😊 Thanks again 3G! VERY MUSH APPRECIATED!

Gregory Cleary

Well since my last postings. I’ve had very much the same kind of success rate. The genetics are so totally awesome. Now I’m seeing snow angel… I’m so totally excited. The trust me my friend or friends or whoever so chooses to follow. The princess has the way. She has guided me through my experience. I always like the word of the wisdom that helps guide us. Thank you for everything you have done for me anything else I can do to help you I will do I’ve had so much good success. I don’t even know what to say except thank you for what you do you’re very beautiful person inside and out thank you again God bless

Gregory Cleary

Well since my last postings. I’ve had very much the same kind of success rate. The genetics are so totally awesome. Now I’m seeing snow angel… I’m so totally excited. The trust me my friend or friends or whoever so chooses to follow. The princess has the way. She has guided me through my experience. I always like the word of the wisdom that helps guide us. Thank you for everything you have done for me anything else I can do to help you I will do I’ve had so much good success. I don’t even know what to say except thank you for what you do you’re very beautiful person inside and out thank you again God bless

Ruben Garcia

3ntheogeniks was one of the best vendors I have came across. She was very fast and package was early. The extra gift that she threw in was amazing. I have had very successful experience with this vender and would recommend everyone try 3ntheogeniks products. Top notch.

Monroe Eggerling

Top notch service and prices. You can tell when someone actually cares. And the freebies didn’t hurt. I would not shop anywhere else. P.s. if you ever get into cannibis genetics let me know

Selly Chopin

I love ordering from 3ntheogenik! I always get clean cultures and always getting some cool freebies! I will continue to support her and her business! Plus she is quite friendly too!

Bradley Schouest

I just love the results I got from the B+ and JMF spore Swabs I got from 3ntheogenik and don’t get me started on the LC syringes they were all so amazing to work with and they really produce a lot of good results for me in my shoebox setups and they are really amazing! Bluberry Jams are awesome!

Paul Cutler

Seraphim is a wonderful vendor. I am always very happy to receive the purple package with what I know are clean stellar genetics. Each one is packed with not only those great genetics but also with many little extras. I can always feel the love and dedication she puts in all she does. Not only does she provide a great product, she also teaches the community how to build the skills to be a good grower. I order one thing a week from her so I don’t buy her whole library up too fast I want to remain a satisfied customer long into her future. Try her, you will be as satisfied as I am.

charles chantry

great products, great service, A+++

Chris Henry

Awesome genetics, and my wife loved the spore print necklace ❤️!! Great shop/seller!

Chris Fuller

3ntheogeniks has top notch genetics. My orders have included fun surprises. The customer service is second to none. The products are packaged discreetly and arrive in a timely manner. Everything about this shop is amazing!💜

Mikel Lawrence

To be honest I have only used the once but the attention to detail is simply incredible… In our shrooms game you play the odds… I totally love the honesty. I highly recommend and will use them again

Hunter Mckee

Incredibly fast delivery, great cultures & best pricing around!

O.T. Oss

5 stars for the P. nat prints. Amazing packaging, no issues whatsoever. Thanks for all the free stuff too, but I’d rather not have the confetti/glitter stuff and the little plastic mushrooms. Have purchased several spore prints from 3ntheogenik and never had any contam. Very fast, very friendly. Thank you!

Jesse James

I have bought several things from 3ntheogenic. All the liquid cultures I bought are top quality. I use grain jars and they have spawned so fast using the LC’s I bought from the website. I won’t buy them anywhere else. I know I am getting top quality products.

Melissa Gedek

Stellar work. Phenomenal human. Excited to finally have these genetics. ✨✌🏼💜

Justin Wheeler

It’s been a great experience. I’m a repeat customer. The genetics are awesome!

Charles Shaw

I have found 3G to be the best spore supplier ever! I will only buy from 3G in the future. Thanks 3G

Psily Myc

3ntheogenik is a great place to buy all your mycology genetics “for microscopic use only”. They have some very interesting genetics. I follow them on instagram @theprincessofcubensis and she has great instructional videos, giveaways, and great content. She’s a very nice person as well. If you are new or experienced this is the place to be

Harry Siegfried

Great product and Great shipping experience all around!! PS: I love all your products and for me it’s not just the product itself but the extra bit of you that goes in to every shipment I have bought once in a while just to see what you send next !! You are by far the best Mycologist I have ever had the pleasure of getting amazing things from add to that your personal one of a kind flare and I can’t say how much your little add ons man my day, for a person to make me smile can make the darkest days get brighter thank you some much you can’t imagine how much joy you have brought me!!

Taylor Marrs

Couldn’t be happier with any ot the purchases I’ve made, so full of love and awesome genetics! Thank you for all the work you do!! ❤️

Guru shag

I really can’t say enough good things about the princess of cubensis , she has been really good to me I started my journey last august and honestly I found her after I discovered the uncle bens sub Reddit page , she really helped me get my collection together and even threw some stuff in my pack that I would ask about that wasn’t listed, i she even mailed me a whole envelope that she holding and I was going through some issues and she just sent it, she always responded to my emails even my stupid questions, I feel bad that I haven’t gotten anything from her in a while but things are so tight, but shroud saw a chance to leave a review I felt that I could speak very highly of all my interactions and I hope she’s doing great

Psilly Goose

Her genetics are lit af

Sarah Stephens


Zzzz Shook

Everything is clean and on point! I will be buying from here for as long as it’s an option.


I have ordered multiple times and each time have received more freebies than the actual product i’ve ordered . Overall an amazing vendor and have had amazing results with these products. And shipping is super fast !

Cam Henson

3ntheogenik is amazing. I received my LC quickly and I’ve never gotten a syringe that wasn’t live.I had some especially great grows with the golden teacher and APE strains!

Dylan K

3G always has the best genetics, Always throws in extras, And the customer service is A+ I will always get my genetics here! 🍄✌🏻❤️

NeverToo MushMycology

3ntheogenik is run by a woman that has nothing but love and support for anyone’s microscopic needs. A constantly updated library of cool classics and new strains that are fresh af to the market. And don’t pass up those agar punches! I made them myself and am always available in the 3ntheogenik discord server and am happy to help. But for real she’s a great woman that just wants everyone to know the love and magic of this world and her products and packaging will prove that to you upon delivery of your first order!!! <3

Zarri R.

I got the Gnoid and it came with some APE, and cool stickers!! 3g is amazing and you won’t be disappointed!

Sarah Stein

I have been ordering from 3ntheogenik for close to a year now and I have to say that she is absolutely the best! Every product I have purchased has been of pristine quality. She goes out of her way to include extras and freebies with every order, which makes you feel like a valued customer. Also, she is available for anyone to reach out to for advice regarding the products she offers which is the biggest help. When you become part of the 3ntheogenik community, you are treated like you are part of a family. Plus, there are always plenty of deals through the website to take advantage of as well.You definitely won’t regret placing an order from 3ntheogenik! 5 stars from me always🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Patrick McGlynn

The liquid cultures I bought are all very clean and fast growing. There’s unique strains that are labeled well. Every strain had been exactly what it’s labeled as. Packaging was very cute and you could tell there was lots of love and thought put in each step of the way. Much better experience than the purchases I’ve made from other companies. I would definitely purchase from 3ntheogenik again. Thank you!

Gregory Cleary

Please you’re welcome … 3ntheogenik help me cross my border into the world of mycology. Very interesting… Thank you very much my princess… I tip my hat. You’ve made my introduction into mycology one would say very easy… They send you the best of their products… I have had a 100% success rate I don’t know too many people that can say that… I’ve been growing my own personal product for a year now. I’m a very happy individual she’s brought peace to my mind so yes I do bless my princess and 3ntheogenik for what they do and what they have done for me… I’m just not too sure what’s going to happen now that they’re moving… God bless princess she’s taking me a new heights in my life that make me feel way better about so many things. Thank you for helping and taking care of me God bless forever…. I just feel saddened. That’s all good

Morelly Sourced

The bundle was beautifully packaged and filled with extra goodies. I wasn’t expecting all the free gifts and I’m thankful for the care and community that comes with all of this. The LC is super clean and I’m looking forward to putting the swabs to agar.

Nicholas Macchiarella

Best service ever, wasn’t expecting much and was going to be excited just if the product came, but I was shocked when it came with supreme packaging and some cool trinkets. And the spores worked very well. I won’t be buying from anyone else as long as they keep in business.

Mike Ology

If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place! You will always get exactly what you expect to, and might even find additional goodies as well! Always packed with care and arrives faster than one would expect. You’ll become a repeat customer for sure.

Ari Lastname

3g genetics are hands down the best. Nothing grows as fast and as consistently. These genetics are the best place to start and will continue to expand into something interesting. I’m so thankful for 3g and cant wait to research more genetics

Fidele Ngudia

I LOVE 3G! I love their products, the community that has been a joy to be a part of, their wonderful customer service, the variety, and the prices. They are a legit vendor that has clean products which makes a difference in microscopy. You will NOT regret making them your go to vendor!!

Justin Loughrey

I’m in a couple of the subreddits and similar discords related to mycology. I’ve seen mixed reviews through reddit, but the other groups always posted their packages they received from 3ntheogenik and they looked promising. I figured worst case I’d be out $30. I bought and inoculated bags with the jack o lensis syringe and they took off. The last time I had a syringe of LC colonize grain that quickly was an isolated natalensis syringe from ITW. There was also a bonus syringe of an ape and a couple stickers which I wasn’t expecting to get. I’ll definitely be purchasing again and would put their genetics at the top of the list with my other go to vendors.

Meghan Davern

The only place I shop now, highly trusted, good selection, good product, great customer service, the best.

Michele Pate

3ntheogenik has the best cultures! Always clean and beautiful and she is the coolest seller out there with her adorable little “extra” gifts. It’s always a pleasure to open my package.

Ev Bee

Not only did 3ntheo have some of the most professional and highest quality spores – syringes and prints – but she wrote countless emails back and forth with me to solve cultivation issues I was having and answer all kinds of questions I had. Clearly an experienced and avid mycologist with a love of the game and a kind soul. Shipping was fast, product was fresh, and customer service was beyond all expectations. Thanks for everything. -Ev

Myco Alan

Seraphim has some of the best products available, also really cares and makes every package fun to receive and open. Whether it’s the pretty confetti or the stickers and toys. She never disappoints… and th3 products are straight up💯💯🔥🔥

Easy C

I’ve purchased three different times from 3ntheogenik. Shipping was quick, extras were included every time, and the results were amazing. I highly recommend ordering from here.

Zach Beaman

I am new to this. I tried spore syringes in all-in-one bags, because I liked the ads. I was patient, careful and was unsuccessful with those all-in-one’s. I spent months on those and wasted my time and money. Then I found these liquid culture syringes from 3ntheogenik. Using this with a bag of sterilized grains, I was shocked how fast it colonized. Between the online tutorials and these products, it was a game changer. I have re-purchased and the quality is the same. Get ya some.

Hey Mama

I am a repeat customer because 3ntheogenik’s genetics 🧬 are the most reliable genetics that I’ve used bar none. I know when I buy from this vendor that I’m buying high quality, thoughtfully curated products. I’m a lifer!

Lily Athena

A wonderful and attentive specialist. She delivered the product in a timely fashion and with cute stickers as a thank you gift for my purchase! The product delivered exceptionally.

Adam Ogonowski

Best products, best customer service, and the quickest delivery. 10/10 every time and I also refer when I can! Forever customer

Victor Peralta

I’ve been using the princes of condenses LC and swabs for the past year and a half all liquid culture come completely healthy vigorous growth no complaints product guaranteed she also has four print swabs exotic seeds you will love everything you get plus her little extras as she puts in always extras be well mush love

justin becraft

Always amazing genetics. I’ve purchased several times and every transaction was easy. Packages always arrived safe with cool little extras. Genetics have always been fast and contamination free. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


I have been using lc’s from 3entheogenik, for about a year now, and I had success with all. The owner is amazing and always includes special free gifts and spore syringes. the genetics are choice and I’ve got 3 tubs currently running and am getting bountiful fruits.


Any and all of the cultures that I have gotten from 3ntheogenik have been absolutely incredible! Not a problem with a single one and her genetics are beyond perfect! This is the only person that I order from now. She’s spreading love through her hard work and I’m so lucky to be her customer. Seriously- Amazing!!! Thank you!!

Benjamin Himes

I was very pleased with my experience with 3ntheogenik. Zero issues with shipping, and as an amateur mycologist the entire process was very straight forward. I absolutely loved the care and passion put into my package. Just small things that made my experience feel personalized and welcoming. Will absolutely bring my business back here again for future projects. Thank you!


Quality LC with a 3ml freebie LC included. Great creative packaging and shipped quickly. Very pleased. Will definitely be a return customer.