Xico 89 Liquid Culture 10cc Syringe


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The Xico 89 strain is an 89 gram Xico mushroom cloned and isolated by 3ntheogenik. It provides canopy flushes and is perfect for someone just staring out.

The Xico strain was discovered growing wild near the city of Xico in Veracruz, Mexico. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the origins of this strain. Some say it was discovered in 2007; others say it was collected in 2018. One thing does seem certain, and that’s its place of origin.

This strain is considered relatively weak for a Psilocybe cubensis strain with an estimated psilocybin level of 0.50% or less. Regardless, the effects of the mushroom are introspective, relatively visual, and “mellow.”

Xico shrooms have golden-colored caps that are saucer-like in shape. The stems are relatively dense and lightly colored. These mushrooms are medium-sized when cultivated in an artificial environment, but some relatively large specimens have been collected from the wild. ~tripsitter.com



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