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The Thai Elephant Dung strain, also known as TED, Thai cubensis, or simply the “Elephant Strain”, is a cubensis found emerging naturally from Thailand’s elephant excrements.

Stories around the origins of Thai Elephant Dung mushroom Strain vary. On one hand it is suggested it could be Psilocybe Samuiensis, aka the Allen Strain, named in honor of the ethno-mycologist John Allen who found the specie growing in water buffalo dung on the island of Kho Samui back in 1991. Other rumors are that it’s a relative of Pan Cyan.

Even if these stories leave a veil of mystery around these elephant strains, Thai elephant mushrooms are unique because they grow on one dung and one only: the precious Thai dung. The Thai people say the Thai dung is the “perfect alchemist” that turns Thai elephant dung into Thai Elephant Dung Psilocybe Cubensis: the “mushroom of illumination”.

Moreover, if some mycologists suspect that the nature of the substrate affects the quality of the potency, this psychoactive specie’s special relationship with elephant dung surely intrigues; especially in a country where Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, is worshipped. This probably contributed in making Thai Elephant Dung mushrooms strains a little glorified as well.

Thailand, “the land of smiles” has a long history with magic mushroom tourism. In the late 60s it was normal to have restaurants proposing P. Subcubensis omlettes or shakes.

Traditionally called by the Thai natives as “hed keequai” translating to “mushroom which appears after water buffalo defecates”, the foreign interest made it a common practice amongst the villagers and farmers to cultivate psychoactive strains. And there is no doubt that the unique exotic substrate the Elephant Dung mushrooms grow on is probably responsible for their popularity.

Today, the Thai Elephant Dung Strain has given birth to sub-strain descendants such as the powerful Koh Samui Super strain aka KSSS and the Thai Ban Huan magic mushroom.

Reported to have a strong “heady” psychoactivity, you must be ready to embark on a fantastic journey of self-discovery, and to simply surrender to the mystical powers of Ganesh’s dung. – Microzoomers.co


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