Vendor choice – Three Spore Prints

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Three collectible spore prints chosen by me (no duplicates)





2 reviews for Vendor choice – Three Spore Prints

  1. Hunter (verified owner)

    Felt like receiving a truly loving gift. I have an unreasonable fear of losing all my worldly possessions… yeah I know. So the fact that these are individually sealed in stiff mylar bags is perfect for my needs! They have a cute colored border and a window so that I can see the print perfectly on a white background. These feel like Pokemon cards and it’s easy to throw one in my bag when I head out so my genetics are always nearby.

  2. Megan (verified owner)

    Great product, cute presentation! Arrival was timely, and additional tools were provided for easy use. Plus stickers :3

    Seller proves herself to be not only an excellent, generous mycologist, but a friend to the hobby.
    Would highly recommend purchasing from this vendor.

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