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Tidal Wave currently holds the belt for the strongest strain of Psilocybe cubensis ever recorded.


Tidal Wave cubensis is a magic mushroom hybrid of the very potent Penis Envy and B+ strains

Crossing strains entails mixing the DNA of two different mushroom cultures within the same species by isolating the monokaryotic culture of the desired strains. These monokaryotic cultures only have one set of DNA, so it’s unable to reproduce fruiting bodies on their own. It produces dikaryotic mycelium that grows mushrooms only when it’s introduced to another group of monokaryotic cultures. This process doesn’t always make a reliable new strain, and the process is often repeated to create stable genetics.

The Tidal Wave strain is part of the Psilocybe cubensis species and was reportedly the only strain with a higher tryptamine and psilocybin content than the famed Penis Envy. A sample submitted by Magic Myco Farm in the Spring 2021 cup contained a whopping 3.82% total tryptamines. This record has yet to be broken.

Tidal Wave is a fast-fruiting strain with an above-average potency for a magic mushroom, which makes sense, having genetics from Penis Envy — a strain known to contain up to 100 percent more psilocybin than the average Psilocybe cubensis. ~tripsitter.com


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