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The John Allen strain is (believed) to be an offshoot of the famous Thai strain that was first collected in a sample of elephant dung several decades ago.

Today, this strain is revered for its rapid colonization times and bulbous caps that flatten out so fast you can almost see it — letting you know when they’re ready to harvest.

Allen shrooms are named after “Mushroom” John Allen, an ethnomycologist credited with discovering some of the most popular shroom strains in the world — including Ban Hua Thanon, Burma, Cambodian, Corumba, Hanoi, Kathmandu, Malaysian, Thai, and numerous others.

Mushroom John discovered and collected various samples in the 90s during an excursion through Southeast Asia (primarily Thailand) in search of magical mushrooms.

At the time, the concept of individual “strains” of magic mushrooms wasn’t a thing, but John Allen would simply name the samples after the regions he collected them — and the names appeared to have stuck.

Today the continuation of stock John Allen collected persists on the market. Vendors buy spores from other sources, cultivate them, and continue the cycle of spore distribution to keep these lineages going indefinitely.

The sample was allegedly collected from a paddy field near Ban Hua Thanon near the Gulf of Thailand. It now remains one of the more popular shrooms strains available.

Most users find that the experience of taking Allen shrooms is highly creative. This is a popular strain for microdosing for the purposes of tapping into new creative avenues.


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