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Blurr Meanie 75 is an isolation by 3ntheogenik of Blue Meanie Var Cubenis. It’s stronger, faster, and BIGGER. This particular isolation is a clone from a grow that consistently threw fruits in the 75 gram range.

If you search for information on Blue Meanies, you’re going to find one of two results — it can refer both to a strain of Psilocybe Cubensis (which is what we’re going to cover today) as well as an entirely separate species called Pan Cyan.

Blue Meanies (the Psilocybe version) is characterized by a deep blue “stain” that appears just about anywhere you happen to touch them. They bruise super easily, causing the high concentrations of psilocybin inside to oxidize and alter the color of the mushrooms.

This is common among all psilocybin mushroom strains and species, but the coloration is more noticeable on Blue Meanies due to a combination of high psilocybin and lighter pigmentation.

The P. cubensis strain was (allegedly) originally harvested in Australia, after which the spores were isolated to create the standalone strain we know today. This strain is very potent.


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