White Rabbit Liquid Culture 10cc Syringe (Ape X Moby Dick)


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White Rabbit is a cultivated strain of Cubensis It was deliberately bred by a group of cultivators in Holland, who hybridized two popular strains, Ape and Moby Dick and then worked to stabilize the genetics. Their aim was to produce a strain that combines the high potency of APE with the easy cultivation of Moby Dick. They more or less succeeded.

White Rabbit is not an albino strain, despite the multiple albinos in its parentage (not only are both its parents albinos, but Moby Dick was derived by hybridizing Golden Teacher with Albino A+. Instead, it is a leucistic—that is, minimally pigmented. Its spores are dark purple-brown, like those of most Psilocybes, and while the rest of the mushroom can be almost white when grown in darkness, it does color up a bit if exposed to light. But it earns the “white” in its name honestly.

Because White Rabbit is still a relatively knew strain, it can be hard to find, and not much is even known about it yet. It hasn’t had time to develop into many sub-strains (though there are a few), nor is it known to have been used to create further hybrids. So far, though, the reports seem good. -healing-mushrooms.net


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