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Our Discord community friend Annevla makes high powered magnetic stir plates which are lovingly crafted and shipped directly to you from her shop in the Netherlands.

They come in single units for $150 but can be customized with additional units that connect for an additional $80 per unit with the same design or logo. For example: The total cost for a five strip unit like mine would be $550 with two unique designs and three copies.

Mine is below- the units are much more powerful than the traditional stir plates available on Amazon. I’ve tested mine for about a month now and can assure that they are reliable and well made.

If you order this product your information will be passed along to Anne so that you can choose customizations and complete your payment. Color options are in the photographs and logo and imprint customization can be discussed with Anne directly.

On a personal note. I priced multi units before reaching out to Anne and this is a huge savings

A note from Anne:

These magnetic stirrers are designed to effortlessly mix liquid cultures, making your experiments more efficient and yielding superior results. Crafted with precision, each stirrer is 3D printed and hand-built, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.

Unleash your creativity with customizable options! You have the freedom to choose your own base and art color, making your stirrer truly unique. Plus, to add a personal touch, we offer a custom logo or line drawing of your choice. All colors can be used both as base and as artwork color.

Each purchase includes one magnetic stir bar and a power supply, ensuring you’re ready to jumpstart your experiments right out of the box.

We welcome your ideas and love to explore other customizations to match your specific needs. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; together, we can create something truly extraordinary!

Material: PLA
Power supply: American or European

Though shipping takes approximately three weeks, rest assured it’ll be worth the wait. Shipped from The Netherlands.



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