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***Beginner friendly***

The Burma strain is considered one of the milder magic mushrooms — but it still packs a psychedelic punch in the realm of 2–3 grams of dried mushrooms.

Burma magic mushrooms are a good choice for psychonauts looking for a playful, sensational journey through the cosmos but don’t want the experience to be too overwhelming, either. This is an excellent “starter” mushroom.

Most users say that Burma mushrooms don’t create deeply philosophical or cerebral kinds of trips. Rather, a voyage with Burma mushrooms is euphoric and dreamy.

This strain was first collected in Burma, now Myanmar, by a student and sent to amateur mycologist John W. Allen. This sample was then isolated and proliferated through various hobbyists and expert mycologists. Today the Burma strain is widely available through most mainstream spore vendors.

Burma mushrooms tend to be fairly easy to grow, and it’s a strain that grows quickly; colonizing Burma mushrooms on substrate takes only a few days.

Like most mycelium, Burma strain mushrooms love high humidity and cool temperatures during cultivation. Still, Burma mushrooms are known to take off pretty quickly when it comes to incubation and colonization. ~Tripsitter.com


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