News and updates 12/18/2023

If you are interested in joining our discord community you should have received that link by email at the time your order was marked completed for shipping.

We’re doing it again!  $8.50 LC packs  of 4 or more (5cc) go live on New Year’s Day!

  • TAT ‘O’ Lensis
  • PE +
  • Jack ‘O’ Lensis
  • Venezuelan VZ3
  • True Albino Teacher -Yeti
  • Golden Preacher
  • Jack Frost OG by 3G
  • Haole by 3G OG
  • PE6
  • Subtropicalis Hoogshagenii Var Convexa
  • Cinderalla in the Blue Dress
  • Toque F9
  • kAPE it the Family – cluster APE
  • Hillbilly Pumpkin by MycoCat
  • Smurfberry
  • Enigma
  • Blue Magnolia
  • Tampanensis Alt 7
  • Mr Peanut
  • Albino Leng
  • Psilocybe Allenii 
  • Country Bumpkins F2

r/stickertradingpost is one of the only non-gatekeeping spore trading resources on Reddit where all vendors have an equal opportunity. Not to mention that it’s also a place full of love and a great community.

Finally, If you would please consider leaving a review on Instagram (Tag #theprincessofcubensis ) or leave a Reddit review it would mean a lot to me. I am not able to post or advertise on Reddit without getting suspended. Your reviews make this possible.  Reviews on Reddit convert to sales. I do not advertise so this is solely word of mouth and your voice is important.



On a personal note: Please remember to be gentle with yourself. You’ve done things… we’ve all done things that we regret. It’s okay. You’re beautifully and wonderfully made and those things that happened to you or those mistakes you made were all a part of your journey to who you are meant to be. You are divinely loved.

Mush Love, SERAPHIM, 3ntheogenik

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