News 01/29/2024

Friends, I need your help so I am reaching out to you asking if  you would PLEASE consider leaving a review on Instagram (Tag #theprincessofcubensis ) or leave a Reddit review it would mean a lot to me. Being a mycology vendor is a tough space to be successful in and is a naturally slow time of year. Your reviews make this possible.  Reviews CONVERT TO SALES and I want to be able to continue on this path of sharing great, easily growable genetics with you.




If you’ve grown out my genetics and you’re sharing those photos:

 r/shrooms or r/mushroom growers would be a huge help to me.

The loss of Spore Traders was a very difficult hit for business. I rely on reviews to continue doing this work. If you’ve purchased from me on spore swaps please review a review on the spore swaps facebook page and on my vendor page

Unfortunately, there are a lot of vendors out there expanding liquid culture before they grow it and selling it to people for cheap without testing them. When you receive my genetics you’re receiving a quadruple tested CLONE of something I HAVE GROWN personally. I pour my love and energy into these strains so that you can grow them easily.

On a personal note:

I’ve included a Rose Quartz heart with your order. I have infused these crystals with love, peace and healing energy. Rose Quartz has potent healing properties. It can:

As a stone of love, the Rose Quartz meaning represents a powerful crystal for anyone seeking to bring more love into their life. The Rose Quartz healing properties connect to the heart chakra, the center of love. By opening and healing your heart center, the Rose Quartz chakra helps guide you to deepen relationships and embrace kindness, compassion, tenderness, and love toward yourself and those around you. = Mush Love, Seraphim <3

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  1. 3nthegeniks. I would never buy liquid cultures from anyone else they are the best it grows the fastest and I can show examples… thank you very much

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