10 Peyote Seeds pack- Lophophora Williamsii

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These seeds are Northern Peyote grown by my good friend Mr Bear Mushroom. They are very fresh and you’re certain to have great success with these seeds. I am excited to offer them to you.

The peyote; Lophophora williamsiiis a small, spineless cactus which contains psychoactive alkaloids, particularly mescaline. Peyote is a Spanish word derived from the Nahuatl peyƍtl, meaning “caterpillar cocoon”, from a root peyƍni, “to glisten”.  Peyote is native to Mexico and southwestern Texas. It is found primarily in the Sierra Madre Occidental, the Chihuahuan Desert and in the states of Nayarit, Coahuila, Nuevo LeĂłn, Tamaulipas, and San Luis PotosĂ­ among scrub. It flowers from March to May, and sometimes as late as September. The flowers are pink, with thigmotactic anthers (like Opuntia).

Known for its psychoactive properties when ingested, peyote has at least 5,500 years of entheogenic and medicinal use by indigenous North Americans.

Pack of ten seeds for your growing pleasure.

1 review for 10 Peyote Seeds pack- Lophophora Williamsii

  1. Brady (verified owner)

    Great seeds!!! They have only been germinating 4 days and most are already beginning to sprout! Thank you so much, I appreciate your work more than you know!

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