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The Ban Sa Phang Ka strain is a Thai variant of Psilocybe cubensis discovered on the island of Koh Samui back in the 1990s by the legendary shroom hunter John “Mushroom” Allen.

Like most Southeast Asian strains, Ban Phang Ka is highly contamination-resistant and can cope with unoptimized growing environments. The rhizomorphic mycelium is extremely aggressive and colonizes the substrate quickly. Mushrooms develop rapidly and grow in dense clusters flush after flush.

This magic mushroom strain produces medium-sized fruits, but it’s known to throw up one or two bigger mushrooms in the second or third flush. The caps are golden brown, bulbous, and speckled with white spots. The caps flatten out and become more saucer-shaped when mature. The stipes (stems) are white and relatively thick — developing blue hues when bruised.

The Ban Phang Ka strain is a good choice for beginners thanks to its resistant traits. It’s also a good choice for commercial growers or those that want to produce a large amount of mushrooms quickly.

This strain has many relatives that were discovered on the same island. These relatives share similarities in potency, growth characteristics, and appearance.


My personal experience is that this is one of the most beginner friendly strains i’ve grown. It’s hard to mess this one up!


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