Albino A+ Premium 10cc Syringe


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Albino A+, or AA+, as it is sometimes called, is a cultivated strain of cubensis. It’s typically cream-colored to white, sometimes with a bluish tint—when damaged, it bruises blue very obviously. The spores are purple-black, and once they mature, they will cover the stem-ring and make it appear black. Because these mushrooms have reduced pigmentation, not none at all, they are technically “leucistic,”  not albinos. That’s good news for growers, since real albino mushrooms  have colorless spores that are almost invisible and thus very hard to work with.

There is also a more typically-pigmented strain called A+. The two are very similar and undoubtedly closely related. Curiously, sources differ as to which is the parent strain, but logic suggests that the non-albino version came first. Either way AA+ is the more popular of the two.

There is persistent speculation that albino A+ is actually part-Panaeolus, since its high is reportedly reminiscent of the effects of some of the more potent Panaeolus species. Actually, such hybridization between different genera is likely impossible, but there may be some coincidental biochemical similarity.

The important thing to remember is that albino A+ is very popular, thanks to its high potency and large flushes. –


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