News and updates 12/11/2023

If you are interested in joining our discord community you should have received that link by email at the time your order was marked completed for shipping.

r/stickertradingpost is one of the only non-gatekeeping spore trading resources on Reddit where all vendors have an equal opportunity. Not to mention that it’s also a place full of love and a great community.

Friends: times are hard in the mycology vending space this time of year. Spend your dollars where it counts. People like Treediggs (agar mix and plates), and Mycology Simplified  (grain and substrate) could sure use your business this time of year.

Also if you’re buying supplies for mycology on Amazon you can help out 90 Second Mycology by using the links on his website. He does what he does out of love and commitment to the community so please support that effort – it costs you nothing extra to use his link to buy your myco supplies. His youtube isn’t monetized. He is all about love and sharing.

Please support these fabulous myco community members who show the love on a daily basis

On a personal note:

Try not to get caught up in all the other stuff this holiday season. Time with friends, family and loved ones is an investment in creating memories you’ll never forget so put the holiday stress aside and try to remember what is really important.

Feeling extra generous? Support this fabulous woman who is sheltering and feeding children who have lost their parents in Uganda. She is also a fellow mycologist:

Finally, If you would please consider leaving a review on Instagram (Tag #theprincessofcubensis ) or leave a Reddit review it would mean a lot to me. I am not able to post or advertise on Reddit without getting suspended. Your reviews make this possible.  Reviews on Reddit convert to sales. I do not advertise so this is solely word of mouth and your voice is important.




Mush Love, SERAPHIM <3

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